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Wheel Trolley

In addition to traditional vehicle lifts, wheel trolleys provide a versatile and efficient lifting solution for your automotive or industrial workshop. These compact trolleys are designed to lift and support individual wheels, making it easy to perform maintenance or repairs on specific areas of the vehicle. Wheel trolleys are available in various sizes and weight capacities, making them adaptable to different vehicles and tasks. They're also easy to move around your workshop, providing a convenient and flexible tool for your lifting needs. By using wheel trolleys in combination with other vehicle lifts, you'll benefit from increased productivity, safety, and efficiency in your workshop, allowing you to get the job done right the first time. Choose wheel trolleys for a reliable and efficient lifting solution that complements your lifting setup.

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AC Hydraulic

WT1500NT AC Hydraulic Wheel Trolley

AC Hydraulic

WT1500NT-B AC Hydraulic Wheel Trolley w/brake

AC Hydraulic

WTA500 Wheel Trolley AC