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Jacking Beams

Jacking beams are a versatile and indispensable tool for any automotive workshop. They are designed to provide a stable platform for lifting and supporting a vehicle, allowing mechanics to work safely and efficiently on the car's underside. Jacking beams offer several benefits, including improved access to the bottom of the vehicle, increased stability and safety, and greater flexibility in vehicle compatibility. By raising the vehicle evenly, jacking beams help to prevent damage to the chassis or suspension, which can occur when using uneven or unstable lifting methods. Additionally, jacking beams can be used with other lifting tools, such as vehicle lifts or floor jacks, further increasing their versatility and functionality. Overall, jacking beams are essential for any automotive workshop, providing a safe and efficient way to lift and support vehicles during maintenance or repair work.

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AC Hydraulic

SD26PHL-W - AC 2.6 Ton Jacking Beam - Air/Hydraulic

AC Hydraulic

SD32PHL - AC 3.0 Ton Jacking Beam - Air/Hydraulic

AC Hydraulic

SD40PHL - AC 4.0 Ton Jacking Beam - Air/Hydraulic